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I just found your site and is very informative. I am about to start some mods on my '03 WRX (warranty is about to expire), and this is my new bible. Thanks for the excellent write ups.

Turbo Tuning

Wow nice project! I'm curious for some update pics.


I enjoyed reading your blogs. Please continue to update us if you still have the project

CGS intake

So far all's well. And as what the saying goes, "all's well and ends well. Great project and the work done was extremely nice.

air ride kits

You did a nice job on your suspensions. One could never thought how well it would improve your handling and cornering without testing it.

Air Ride Parts

Nice summary of what you work. A lot of options really fascinated me to work on my with more diligence.


What a great informative blog! Im glad i stumbled over this!! Keep up the good work :)


so good blog! i love

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This is informative and interesting blog. I believe that this is so helpful and useful for others.

LED Accessories

This is great! I like your article and hope to read more on this topic.

Automotive Parts

I agree with you when you said that we should set our car for a specific purpose. By then, we would know just the right accessories and auto parts needed to enhance performance and improve quality of riding experience.

Tyra Shortino

It takes a smart mind and eager hands to tune the car right and prepare for a wild ride. With the right upgrades and adaptable driving skills, I'm sure your team can win in every rally.

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Crystal Clear Headlights

By all means, safety is the best and always the first priority in driving. Let's go out there and not "have fun" with the car too much or we might lose something dearly to us.

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Cars that are awesome are really interesting and I believe they do have a great performance.

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Great summary of the job done with this car. It's very basic and yet very essential to every enthusiasts out there.

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Flatirons Tuning Project Car: Part 7: Proceed With Caution

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