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Maintaining a car could be expensive at times but it also prevents the owner from spending too much when trouble comes in. It is wise to check the car engine regularly to monitor for its performance and if it needs immediate repair.

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Doing a preventive maintenance is really important to make sure that you have a good engine,and it is also for our safety in case there are parts that are malfunction.

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True. Maintenance is required to achieve peak performance. All cars are machines, and it's up to the driver to make sure that the machine is in top condition.

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I appreciate you posted this one and this is really useful. It can also be a guide and reminder to most car owners on how they should took care of their cars.


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Maintenance is really a must for your car since it increases the longevity of your car and maintain efficiency on performance. It is a continuous process and sometimes can cost you a lot. But it's better than spending a whole lot from big damages.


I had to do so much maintenance on my car before I got a new one at Suzuki in McAllen, TX. It got to be too much for me, which is why I ended up getting a new one! This is really great information though, this will certainly be helpful to readers!

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It's important to know all these stuff. Great stuff right here.

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Flatirons Tuning Project Car: Part 6: Some not so Basic… Basic Maintenance

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