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Wow, that helped out a lot, I know a lot of people say that there arent any gains between stock intake and CAI, but then again, if there wasnt then why would CAI's be made in the first place? Anyway, my real question is, is it hard to install an SPT CAI? I know you used an access port, but to me, thats much more money than I have right now, is it absolutely neccessary to use the accessport when and if I install an SPT CAI?

Jon Cooley

Thank you for your question. Installation was actually pretty simple. All you need are a couple of simple tools which are layed out in the instructions, and you should be able to get everything on in about an hour or so.

As for the engine managment, you don't need anything if all you are doing is installing the intake because it is designed to work with factory MAF calibration.

Thanks, and good luck with your car.

Jon Cooley

jason willey

i was just wondering if there is any difference between the cobb sf intake and the spt intake.
Also if u guy have tested the cobb sf how do u like it i like the spt but a little pricey with heat shield but really like design and the same with the cobb the only things i dont like about the cobb sf is that they dont offer shield or the hanger for the lines if.
If u could let me no your opinion on the two.

thanx jason


Thanks for all the info, it was a really big help. I was just wondering if the K&N Typhoon intake is designed to work with the stock MAF on my WRX... the K&N site wasn't much help. Any idea?


Jonathan, you've probably found the answer to your inquire by now, but if not... Yes, the Typhoon works just fine with the stock MAF. I had one on my STi, before having to ditch it because of a FMIC intercooler upgrade.


Hello from the UK, love the site, I have just bought a 2003 UK spec WRX its a non bug eye, i am still trying to work out all the models :-)

I have researched a lot into tuning the car and found this site very helpful with the first step the intake, I love the SPT, sham ei cant get it in the UK but i am still hunting, my question is wil it fit the 2003 WRX UK or is it for the bug eye only?

best regards



Hi again , i went ahead and bought the SPT despite lots of negative chatter on other forums, i love the sounds you get after fitting it with the bov etc and was wondering if you still have it fitted and /or found any snags with it running rich/lean?



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Adarius Brown

Thank man.its really a good and helping post by you.you really don't know solved my problem with this post.

Laurence Modithre

Hehe, good thing you tested everythin'! The help that Kris and Mike put in probably put you and the car at ease. It also seems like you are very knowledgeable about cars and their parts. How did you learn all that?

Cory Willis

Did you guys use a heatshield when doing these dyno tests or did you feel it was unnecessary because the car was sitting still with a fan blowing into it during test?

Reason I ask is because I have a SPT intake with the SPT heatshield going on my 2006 WRX, I am about to install and reset ECU after install. My car is mildly tuned with Blouch 16G-XT turbo, STI TMIC, EBC, and 3" TBE. Stock turbo inlet is being retained until I get a tune but I really wanted to get this SPT intake and heatshield installed now instead of waiting for the Gimmick turbo inlet.

From your pictures, it doesn't look like you used the heatshield.

Jon Cooley

Hello Cory. Thank you for your question. The SPT Intake should not need a custom tune on your car, but as you say, you will get the maximum benefit once you have your car tuned. As long as you are getting a tune shortly after installing the part, I'd say you should be fine.

And also, the heat shield is a must with this intake. This is what keeps the inlet temps close to ambient, and what really makes the intake work.

Cory Willis

Thanks for the response. Everything was removed and installed very quickly with the intake. I'd say 20 minutes for it all. Initial impressions are this intake sounds fantastic and after about 200 miles I can say I can feel an improvement in spool and a bit more kick in the pants but I wouldn't write home about it in power increases. Anyhow, loving the intake sound and spool response. The sounds is honestly amazing. At initial ECU reset it took about 150 miles for boost to return to 24 lbs in 4th/5th as it was with the stock intake. But once it hit that 150 mile mark, it was back in full force. Combined with the Rallispec STi RA gear set and kit I bought and installed from you guys, that clutchmasters stage I clutch, and my recent 16g turbo and upgrades, the car is an absolute blast to drive to work each day.

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Frank Batterham

Hi, I'm from the uk and own a 2003 sti type uk, I've just purchased a spt intake after reading your article, which I found very usefull by the way!
I'm wondering if there's anything I need to do once I've fitted the intake, I.e you mentioned resetting the ecu? Is this necessary? And if it is how do I do this? Any help would be great thanks Frank.

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