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jared cummings

Great info here! I am just starting the brake and suspension upgrades on my 2005 WRX wagon. This was easily my year of choice because of its most aggressive body style. However I would've appreciated the WRX stock brake upgrade a year sooner! I am doing the 4-pot this month, and plan on the suspension upgrades you mentioned in this article as a next phase.

My brake upgrade is as follows and tips are appreciated! Subaru 4-pot calipers in front with Hawk HPS, stock calipers in rear with EBC redstuff pads, goodridge lines (after searching, it seems this is all anyone ever uses!), Brembo OEM blank rotors, DOT 4 fluid, and of course caliper paint on the rear to match the front. stoked!

Maria Wegner

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you guys on the testing! It's a success. You've found ways to check the integrity of the brakes, engine and fuel-efficiency of the car. It's all about maintenance and proper handling.

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