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HI There,
i alway wonder does sti and legacy transmisons are same or not.
i am building a vintage car with subaru sti engine in it and looking for transmmission and diff but sti one is so expensive and legacy is realy cheap.
do you think i can use legacy transmison and diff on sti engine ?
i realy like your search and it help to me but i just wanna make sure before i buy the transmison which one is the best for me .


Hi all I own a my99 wrx and have just blown second gear.I need advice as to what box should I install.I've been told that a 2006 five speed will fit and is as good as the 2000 sti version.is that true?


I just bought a 2008 FXT Transmssion and 4.44 rear diff to put into my 2007 WRX . But I'm highly considering buying the LGT 1-4 Gear Set and swapping it into the FXT Transmission .. Any problems with these gears and the 4.44 FD ?

over head transmission

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