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i was just wondering if there was a spry or lubercant that has to be applied to the filter or ifs ready as is

Scott Stewart

I was told by a very experienced and respected local Subaru Technician that this intake is not required until your engine makes 425-430BHP @ the Crankshaft. Basically, A K&N high-flow panel filter is all you need until you go beyond this threshhold.
Do you have Dyno Runs / comparisons with the SPT intake installed Vs. a stock air box-WITH A K&N PANEL filter or Cobb?

Jon Cooley

If you look at the testing that we did with the SPT intake here:


we tested it compared to a stock air-box with a Perrin foam filter element (which is less restrictive than a K&N cotton gauze filter element).

It clearly shows that there are gains to be had with a properly designed intake, and especially if you get the car tuned to take advantage of the intake.

Though an intake may not be "required" up to a point, what we wanted to know was if there were gains to be had simply by putting one on. And it turns out that there are.

Subaru's are much more sensative to intakes than most cars out there, which is a primary reason that so many people say not to put one on until you absolutely have to. However, many of those issues have now been sorted out, and there are well designed intakes on the market that give good gains.

Thanks for your question.


I just installed the SPT intake, precisely followed the installation instructions, but the car seemed sluggish. I disconnected the battery negative cable a couple of times to reset the ECU, but it does not seem to make a difference. What am I missing?


In response to Gustavo. It feels sluggish because when you disconnect the battery the ecu needs to relearn. Give it a hundred miles and you'll be fine. I've been using the spt intake for the last 15,000 miles. Started with it on a stock vehicle and now i'm using it on stage two. Air/fuel ratio on my wideband are allways between 10.8 and 11.4.


I tune my sti with injen cai and invidia dowpipe the make 288HP wheels. I think to install the stock air box with k&n filter. I need retune my car, any help please. THANKS


i have 03 impreza non turbo. is this applicable on my car?

Cory Willis

question. If a car is already tuned to run a larger turbo, STI TMIC, 3" TBE, and EBC with stock air box and K&N panel filter, would adding a SPT intake and heatshield mean I need a retune? From reading it seems that a retune is not necessary and I would still see gains, but you seem to say there is even potiential for gains with a tune. Am I following this correctly?

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