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Varun Hurry

so i was on cruise control going to work doing 70 mph at around 2700rpm with my 09 STi... it's bone stock, never raced and had it for only 2months now. the car jerked by it self and the check engine light went on, the sport light was flashing, the cruise light was also flashing and the traction was set on orange which means it was turned of! why did it happen and how can i help it not from happening again???

Jon Cooley

It is quite difficulty to speculate as to what the problem could be. My first recommendation would be to take your car to a Subaru dealer to see if the CEL code was stored in your ECU. That will give you a good idea what the problem was if a code was stored.

If there wasn't a code stored, I would just recommend that you keep an eye on it and see if it happens again. And if it does, see if you can find a specific set of circumstances that causes the issue. This will also help to diagnose the issue.

Best of luck and enjoy the new car.

Ryan Schickendantz

I had the same thing happen all the time in my 04 STi with mild mods and tune. It flashed a Wastegate Solenoid code and lean code. I replaced the solenoid and it still did it. So i then i retuned it and it still happened just not as often. After that i put on a EWG and the problem stopped. But in the case of a stock vehicle im not sure what would cause it, but it is boost creep if u have the same codes.

Varun Hurry

what it was actually was only the gas cap that was not closed all the way... and it triggered the check engine light which turns off all the 'kool' features! lol i went to the dealership, plugged in the computer and the tech just opened my cap and closed it with 5 clicks or so and it just went away!!! hahaha it was laughing so hard! its crazy how sensible the sensors are in the newer cars!



I'd like to thank you for your informative post; it's helpful as I'm something of a mechanical neophyte (or, some would say, 'idiot'). :)

I've been told that *too large an exhaust system* can cause a turbo engine to experience boost creep. But boost creep is defined as the inability to exhaust enough gases (from the turbocharger housing, right?)

Why does a larger system tend to cause boost creep, then?



Hi can any one help me hear had to strip turbo down as I snapped a bolt in the cast part ov my turbo so split it got it all sorted now from my car boosting at about 3 it don't really boost til about 4 and a half to 5 is this a leak between the turbo where I split it any help will be great as it's got my head smashed thanks in advance

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